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Fuck you, Mr. Chatta-whatever

Around 14 years ago, I dated the girl who would eventually be your wife. And then your ex-wife. I learned that you were insecure and obsessed with her past relationships, and me in particular. You stalked me, and lurked on my website. You even told her to demand that I take down this photo from my Boston trip in 2007. I guess you weren’t man enough to do it yourself. And respecting her wishes, I removed it.

Well now we’re friends again, and I know how you mistreated her. So look what I found on a web cache! And this time, it’s staying here FOREVER.

Suck it.

(Posted with her consent, keeping her needs and wishes in mind. Crazy concept!)

Secondary Subdominants? …and other harmonic devices

I’ve been working on a lot of music lately. Sometimes, ideas and concepts come from unusual places. This time, it came from software.

I was trying out Sibelius, an excellent music notation program. I usually don’t go about writing music in a transcription app, but I was dragging notes around on the staff when ideas came to me, so I went with it.

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Trav’s Diagonal Scale Method (w/examples)

It was recently asked of me by a former student how I play multi-octave scales on the guitar. The answer involves a seven-note scale system I developed about 10 years ago while a in college. With it, I can fly up and down the neck relatively easily. I’m sure someone else on earth – probably many individuals – have the same scale system since it’s based on basic common sense. So, I thought I’d blog it for the rest of the world to enjoy.

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Die, Barney, DIE!!

Here’s a comic I drew in high school. For posterity. I really had a high degree of Barney hate, as you can no doubt tell.

Die Barney Die